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Selected Publications
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Ziegenfuss, J.S., Lodato, M.A. The two faces of DNA oxidation in genomic and functional mosaicism during aging in human neurons. Frontiers in Aging, 12 Oct 2022. Link

Choudhury, S., Huang, A.Y., Kim, J., Zhou, Z., Morillo, K., Maury, E.A., Tsai, J.W., Miller, M.B., Lodato, M.A., Araten, S., Hilal, N., Lee, E.A.#, Chen, M.H.#, Walsh, C.A#. Somatic mutations in single human cardiomyocytes reveal age-associated DNA damage and widespread oxidative genotoxicity. Nature Aging. Link

Miller, M.B.*, Huang, A.Y.*, Kim, J., Zhou, Z., Kirkham, S.L., Maury, E.A., Ziegenfuss, J.S., Reed, H.C., Neil, J.E., Rento, L., Ryu, S.C., Ma, C.C., Luquette, L.J., Ames, H.M., Oakley, D.H., Frosch, M.P., Hyman, B.T., Lodato, M.A.#, Lee, E.A.#, and Walsh, C.A.# Somatic genomic changes in single Alzheimer's disease neurons. Nature.10.1038/s41586-022-04640-1.Link

Covered in The Boston Globe, AlzForum, U.S. News and World Report, and others.

Bourseguin, J., Cheng, W., Talbot, E., Hardy, L., Lai, J., Jeffries, A.M., Lodato, M.A., Lee, E.A., Khoronenkova, S.V. Persistent DNA damage associated with ATM kinase deficiency promotes microglial dysfunction. Nucleic Acids Research. Link



Lai, J., Kim, J., Jeffries, A.M., Tolles, A., Chittenden, T.W., Buckley, P.G., Yu, T.W., Lodato, M.A#., Lee, E.A.# Single-nucleus transcriptomic analyses reveal microglial activation underlying cerbellar degeneration in Ataxia Telangiectasia. bioRxiv, Link


Luquette, L.J., Miller, M.B., Zhou, Z., Bohrson, C.L., Galor, A., Lodato, M.A., Gawad, C., West, J., Walsh, C.A., Park,. P.J. Ultraspecific somatic SNV and indel detections in single neurons using primary template-directed amplification. bioRxiv. Link



Kim, J., Zhao, B., Huang, A.Y., Miller, M.B., Lodato, M.A., Walsh, C.A., and Lee, E.A. APP gene copy number changes reflect exogenous contamination. Nature 584, E20-E28. Link




Lodato, M.A., and Walsh, C.A. Genome aging: somatic mutation in the brain links age-related decline with disease and nominates pathogenic mechanisms. Hum Mol Genet 28, R197-R206. Link


Bohrson, C.L., Barton, A.R., Lodato, M.A., Rodin, R.E., Luquette, L.J., Viswanadham, V.V., Gulhan, D.C., Cortes-Ciriano, I., Sherman, M.A., Kwon, M., et al. Linked-read analysis identifies mutations in single-cell DNA-sequencing data. Nat Genet 51, 749-754. Link




Lodato, M.A*., Rodin, R.E*., Bohrson, C.L*., Coulter, M.E*., Barton, A.R*., Kwon, M*., Sherman, M.A., Vitzthum, C.M., Luquette, L.J., Yandava, C., et al. Aging and neurodegeneration are associated with increased mutations in single human neurons. Science 359, 555-559. Link

Covered in Yahoo! News, GenomeWeb, and others.




Sherman, M.A., Barton, A.R., Lodato, M.A., Vitzthum, C., Coulter, M.E., Walsh, C.A., and Park, P.J. PaSD-qc: quality control for single cell whole-genome sequencing data using power spectral density estimation. Nucleic Acids Res. Link


McConnell, M.J., Moran, J.V., Abyzov, A., Akbarian, S., Bae, T., Cortes-Ciriano, I., Erwin, J.A., Fasching, L., Flasch, D.A., Freed, D., Ganz, J., Jaffe, A.E., Kwan, K.Y., Kwon, M., Lodato, M.A., Mills, R.E., Paquola, A.C.M., Rodin, R.E., Rosenbluh, C., Sestan, N., Sherman, M.A., Shin, J.H., Song, S., Straub, R.E., Thorpe, J., Weinberger, D.R., Urban, A.E., Zhou, B., Gage, F.H., Lehner, T., Senthil, G., Walsh, C.A., Chess, A., Courchesne, E., Gleeson, J.G., Kidd, J.M., Park, P.J., Pevsner, J., Vaccarino, F.M., and Brain Somatic Mosaicism, N. Intersection of diverse neuronal genomes and neuropsychiatric disease: The Brain Somatic Mosaicism Network. Science.10.1126/science.aal1641. Link




Lodato, M.A*., Woodworth, M.B.*, Lee, S.*, Evrony, G.D., Mehta, B.K., Karger, A., Lee, S., Chittenden, T.W., D'Gama, A.M., Cai, X., et al. Somatic mutation in single human neurons tracks developmental and transcriptional history. Science 350, 94-98. Link

Covered in the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Science, Scientific American, and others.


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